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6 March, 2019 by Greg

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8 January, 2019 by Debi

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FICA Amendment Act will further complicate property transactions

8 January, 2019 by Debi

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Air BnB - South Coast Hosting Managers!

Posted on 17 October, 2018 by Greg

Air BnB - South Coast Hosting Managers!


AirBnB is now the fastest growing and largest short term property rental portal in the world!!

Aloha Properties are pleased to announce that we are now dedicated hosting managers capable of handling your AirBnB property rental on your behalf!

We are;

  • Fully conversant with the AirBnB systems and operating procedures
  • Fully conversant with website CMS workings
  • Fully conversant with web backend and frontend workings
  • Fully conversant with The Sectional Title’s Act
  • Fully conversant with your Body Corporate Rules
  • Fully conversant with local Police Forum Operations
  • Fully conversant with AirBnB’s Terms of Service and Rules
  • Fully conversant with Financial Intelligent Center’s Act
  • Always on site! Always available!

We will;

  • Do all advertising PLUS further marketing [our own database]
  • Determine the best pricing by comparison and to maximize occupancy
  • Do all photographs, property description uploads and house rules uploads
  • Thoroughly check out all guests for suitability
  • Ensure your property is spotless prior to guests arriving
  • Do all meet and greets at anytime requested by the guests
  • Advise all guests that this lovely unit is also FOR SALE if it is..
  • Ensure guests are happy, handle complaints and give good advice
  • Be available locally at anytime for guests to contact us should they need to
  • Ensure the correct number of guests are occupying
  • Ensure there are no parties or events taking place
  • Ensure the unit has a copy of the house rules and emergency numbers
  • Ensure guests vacate on or before 10h00
  • Check inventory of movables on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned after guests vacate
  • Ensure all linen is washed / changed after vacating
  • Ensure all keys and remotes are in order and oil locks / door handles as required
  • Replace all light bulbs and remote batteries at our expense
  • Refill gas bottles [where applicable] at our expense
  • Charge you a set fee / percentage of all AirBnB rental incomes

You will;

  • Not attend to anything regards the above, you sit back
  • Receive notification of all guest bookings by email
  • Have full access to the availability calendar at all times
  • Enjoy access to your own property by instructing us to block off online calendar dates
  • Receive a copy of AirBnB’s statement/invoice for each guest
  • Receive cash in your account one working day after we are paid by AirBnB

PLUS!! Not only is that exciting news but having various short term guests staying in, and admiring your lovely unit could very easily GENERATE A POSSIBLE BUYER as well if you are a seller.

Should you own a neat fully furnished and equipped property between Shelly Beach and Marina Beach that you would like us to do all the work on, and you do nothing other than collect cash, please send us a howzit here;  we look forward to working for you!!

Please note that the logo, the name AirBnB and any pictures depicting any or such are copyrighted to AirBnB Inc. 

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