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Demystifying the proposed Rental Amendment Act

6 March, 2019 by Greg

Demystifying the proposed Rental Amendment Act...

Why mortgage pre-approval matters
Why mortgage pre-approval matters

8 January, 2019 by Debi

Finding out how much you can afford before...

FICA Amendment Act will further complicate property transactions
FICA Amendment Act will further complicate property transactions

8 January, 2019 by Debi

The imminent FICA Amendment Act adds new...

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About Us


ALOHA Properties was established last century and is a small home based commercial, industrial and residential property concern operated by Greg & Debi Palmer. Initially Durban in the early eighties, then re-locating to the Lower South Coast [Hibiscus Coast] a few years later.

Greg holds a Diploma in the Principles of Real Estate (1982) and is a Principal Property Practitioner, Yachtmaster, surfer and Navy War Veteran.

His lovely wife of 25 years - Debi, is the extremely efficient Property Administration Manager who also very efficiently managed their Durban Surf Shop in the eighties. Debi loves sailing and the beach and is the very finest First Mate on this planet.

Greg & Debi have an adventurous 24 year old son Joshua who is a Superyacht Officer in the Fort Lauderdale / Bahamas regions and is also an avid surfer. 

Aloha Properties scaled right down in 2006 to concentrate solely on property sales and no longer do property letting or hiring of agents. Their full focus now is on property sales, complex / resort management, and they are also dedicated Air BnB management hosts.

The Head Office is situated in Ramsgate, Lower South Coast - KZN......Contact....


"Aloha" is a friendly Hawaain greeting and warm welcome...


Please keep our oceans and beaches clean..


South Coast Property Specialists