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Purchasing or selling property on the South Coast?

Aloha Properties are well known and well connected South Coast real estate agents, and are also exceptional AirBnB management hosts on behalf of property owners - [see our AirBnB page]. There are no fancy pants, plastic trophies and gold clubs here, just the genuine article - years and years of dedicated knowledge know-how & experience.

Completely free advertising here on this website - no obligation!

Please feel free to contact us for free advertising -  for any private seller. Our search engine is powerful and all you do is to go to our "contact us" page! Simple.We do free valuations as well if you are not sure of the value of your home. Properties on the lower South Coast from Shelly Beach to Port Edward only.


Why purchase property on the lower South Coast?

The lower South Coast has magnificent indiginous flora and fauna, has Margate Airport, has the best beaches in Kwa-Zulu Natal, has lovely holiday homes and investment properties, and of course the South Coast has the friendliest, happiest people! Aloha!



Demystifying the proposed Rental Amendment Act

6 March, 2019

Demystifying the proposed Rental Amendment Act Although a date is yet to be set for the implementation of the looming Rental Housing Amendment Act, many of the proposed changes, including...

Why mortgage pre-approval matters

Why mortgage pre-approval matters

8 January, 2019

Finding out how much you can afford before starting your property search will save you the disappointment of realising you don't qualify for the required home loan amount. Have you ever left...

FICA Amendment Act will further complicate property transactions

FICA Amendment Act will further complicate property transactions

8 January, 2019

The imminent FICA Amendment Act adds new layers to an already onerous transaction, say agents. With the compliance deadline for the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Amendment Act...

Air BnB - South Coast Hosting Managers!

Air BnB - South Coast Hosting Managers!

17 October, 2018

ALOHA – AIR BnB HOSTING MANAGEMENT! AirBnB is now the fastest growing and largest short term property rental portal in the world!! Aloha Properties are pleased to announce that we...

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Need Financing?   We shall professionally oversee your homeloan and ensure you are 100% happy with the service at absolutely no charge! WE do the running around for you, the phone calls, all the emails, all the correspondence in fact all the work - free! For more info please contact us here.